DON’T Let What You Are Going Through Cause You To Lose Your Focus Of God’s Purpose For Your Life

30 Apr

April  24, 2016:

Welcome  Ladies  and  Gentlemen :

Missionary Cynthia ‘s Testimony :

First  of all,  I  thank  God  for  this  opportunity  to  do  this  post  this  evening  because  God  have  been  so  GOOD  to  me.  I  remembered   that   I  had    about  2 or 3  years ago  while  I   was.  Ministering  that   I  had   told  God  that  I  don’t   have  to  be. Behind   a Pulpit  to  preach   His  WORD  that  I   will  preach. It  even  if  it’s  in   a. Wheelchair. I  am  going to preach His WORD,  WHAT  HE  WANT  ME  TO SAY  I  AM GOING  TO SAY IT AND  I  Will  GO WHERE  HE WANT  ME  TO  GO. I  said all that  to say  this, as of right  now  I’m in a  wheelchair  And  still  loving  God  with  all  my  heart, soul, and mind. Yes, I  would rather be in my high  heels ministringthe WORD  of God,  standing tall before  the  LORD  but, due  to  a  car wreck  caused  by a  man  trying  to  beat  the light from changing  RED  ran into  the  driver’s  side  of my car,  the air bag deployed  into my face broke my glasses  into my  eyes,  my neck was hurt, my  back  was hurt  and  it took  3 paramedics people  to get me  out that car but, Nevertheless,  I  Thank GOD  ALMIGHTY EL SHADAI   FOR  JESUS  CHRIST  I AM  STILL  HERE! !!! HALLELUJAH! ! !  THANK YOU JESUS! ! ! PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY  EL SHADAI, I  AIN’T  GOING  NO. WHERE  UN TIL MY HEAVENLY  FATHER WANT ME IN CHRIST JESUS NAME! !! I  pray  that  I  have  said  something  to  encourage  someone  this  evening  no matter  what  you  are  going  through  just  remember  put  God  first  in your life and  he will deliver  and  bring  you  through! !! THANK YOU for  visiting my  site.  God  loves you and  so do I.  Have  A Blessed  Night.


Missionary Cynthia Bennett


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